Argentina Vanderhorst

Argentina is a graduate of the three-phase Global Potential program, class of 2016. She is currently a peer educator at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York. She aspires to pursue a college degree in public health and community relations. Her dream is to join an international organization which will help accomplish her goal of making this world a better and fairer place for everyone.


Impact of Global Potential


With her dream to travel around the world and meet new people, Argentina joined Global Potential (GP) in 2015. In Phase 1 (Preparation) of the GP program, she experienced how games and fun activities can teach us about society and the challenges different groups face in life. This experience and education made her question her conceptions of the world around her. She learned how blessed and well-served she was as an American and how she had access to so many resources and the opportunities living in New York. “The program inspired me to strive for something beyond purely ‘materialistic’ aspirations in life. I wanted to meet and understand first-hand the life of those who were deprived of basic resources and education. Phase 2 of the GP program defined the career I envisioned for the future. In Haiti, over a period of two months, GP gave me the opportunity to facilitate programs and games to educate the remote community of Terre Froide about HIV, sanitation and the importance of education. I learned how valuable my knowledge and education was to the people of Terre Froide and this provided me with a sense of responsibility and urge to learn more about public health and community issues and then to educate and serve others.”