Phase 1: Preparation

Students learn the skills to succeed in the program—and well beyond. Main topic areas are: leadership, self-exploration, global awareness, community engagement and action, and fundraising.




We Begin With A Mentor Match

Upon acceptance to the program, each youth is assigned a mentor, who personally coaches the youth throughout his or her 15-month tenure. The mentor serves as a positive role model the student can turn to for help with any issues, related to the program or otherwise.

Learning Workshops

 Each youth attends 20 after-school leadership development and team building workshops from March to June

Community Service Activities

Global Potential also facilitates opportunities for youth to volunteer in local community service activities, such as working in public gardens, soup kitchens, parks, hospitals, and cultural centers in New York City. In addition, Global Potential alumni (30+ of whom remain on with us as regular volunteers) organize monthly social activities, including visits to museums, movies, cultural gatherings, concerts, and sporting events.

Highlights From Phase 1

Media has played a stronger role this year than in years past. Several of our workshops are now filmed and shared on our YouTube Channel. Below you’ll find one of our recent recordings during a youth exercise in Phase 1.