Phase 3: Integration

Global Potential youth carry out their projects in their high schools and surrounding community. Each participant selects a Community Impact Project Pathway on which to focus her or his energy.

Six Pathways

  1. Social Entrepreneurship: social business ventures
  2. Media Advocacy: photography, mural-painting, theater, documentary
  3. Community Service & Activism: service-learning, social justice campaigns
  4. School Leadership: school clubs, GP recruitment
  5. Internship: in GP partner sites, or directly with GP for professional development
  6. Health and Wellness: sports for healthier living

Integration Activities

In close coordination with Global Potential mentors and volunteer staff, each youth conceives of, develops, and begins executing an action plan for improving their own neighborhoods using the lessons and skills acquired during Phase 2. After completing this phase, the youth receive seed funding for social ventures. During this phase, mentors and volunteers also guide individual students through the process of applying to college on an as-needed basis.

Media Advocacy

After her trip to Haiti with the Class of 2013-14, Laetitia Dorsinville made the documentary film “Keeping Us Together”. The film discusses the problems faced by the community of Terre Froide and the use of leisure activities in Haiti to keep the community together and remain interactive.