Needs Addressed & Population Served

Global Potential serves teens from low-income city neighborhoods, primarily Bushwick, Flatbush, East Flatbush, Crown Heights, East New York, South Bronx, Hunts Point, Washington Heights. While family love and support are often present in the home life of GP students, they are too often eclipsed by the effects of poverty–violence, drugs, and hostility–outside the home. GP’s program extends the positive, empowering messaging from their homes into the outer world. In essence, we provide at-risk young people with the tools and self-confidence to resist the negativity of their surroundings, become agents of change in their neighborhoods, and begin laying the groundwork for success in college and career.

Participants are mostly first-generation immigrant youth aged primarily 15-21. They come from hard-working families that have faced the same obstacles to success from one generation to another. Given the lack of opportunities available particularly to low-income youth, the problem has become a vicious cycle. GP aims to break that cycle.

GP views each youth as a potential leader. The personal attention of a dedicated mentor, the structured educational environment, and the international service trip form a powerful combination that helps participants discover and develop their latent leadership skills. GP’s program not only helps to directly improve the lives of program participants, but, indirectly, those of their families as well as their communities.